More About Key Crusade

Sometimes you can't quite afford all the games you might want. Or, sometimes you just want some free games.

Key Crusade is simple idea. There are alot of services and companies that need users to complete certain tasks. This might be as simple as a filling out a survey or as involved as signing up for a real money app. You get to choose the offer that best fits your abilities and willingness to get them done.

Whereas we know we aren't perfect, these are some of our main goals:

1.) We will always try to have a diverse catalog of games to choose from.

2.) Our 'random key' feature will always be a game we feel is worth the offers.

3.) Most of our games are PC, but we will try our best to be more diverse.

4.) We try to make the value of the game equal to or greater than the offers to get it.

5.) There is a zero tolerance policy on fraud. It ruins things for everyone.

Questions? Shoot us an email at

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